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Kaos snackar Homefront 2

Utlovar längre kampanj om folk klagar

Homefront släpptes igår men det har inte stoppat THQ från att prata om en uppföljare till spelet. Redan 2009 sade man att man hade seriens framtid planerad, och under förra året sa THQ-chefen Danny Bilson följande:

"The sequel has new features and doesn't even deal with the same characters. It takes place on the other side of the Mississippi - nobody knows what's going on over there because the North Koreans have irradiated the Mississippi with radioactive iodine and nobody can cross it without a hazmat suit. It's very interesting stuff."

Nu har utvecklarna Kaos Studios själva kommit mer information kring Homefront 2. De menar att man kommer att erbjuda en längre kampanj i uppföljaren, men endast om fansen klagar på den 5 timmar långa kampanjen som finns i det första spelet.

"It's a balance really. So if we were doing a single-player only game - and there are some of those out there of course - then you're talking maybe a 20-hour single-player campaign."

"I think going forward we'd certainly work on extending it a few hours, but going past the 10-hour mark and doing a category-leader multiplayer game... you just have to balance your development resources there."

"We also want to focus on a large-scale multiplayer game and that you get a lot of hours play out of that as well - because that's infinitely more replayable than single-player anyway and you're going to spend the bulk of your time there," he said. "So we really want to make sure that's robust and deep."


Homefront: The RevolutionHomefront: The Revolution