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Stop Hating Yourself

Stop Hating Yourself

Skrivet av Lyon den 25 april 2019 kl 13:18

Now and then we see remarkable people achieve remarkable goals, pushing themselves and humanity to new frontiers. Capturing the very essence of the unknow, uncharted and undiscovered, they push the very limit of the human race, putting a path for future generations to further harness the wisdom of the future. These extraordinary men have for decades fought their inner beasts and achieved inner clarity like no one else and the secret to this inner calm? Stop hating yourself!

You are lazy, procrastinate and poisoning your body with unnecessary food and drinks. You know the stuff you are doing are bad for you, yet you still don't change. You know you should get your act together and start doing some work, yet you are crumbling like a toad in front of the screen. You poison your body and for some unbearable reasons you don't know why you can't stop. You numb your mind with all kind of entertainments and as the years go by you no longer know yourself, your soul is the very stranger in your own body, and yet you act surprised when the world around you crumbles to dust becoming a stranger in time.

You are a bad boss and a bad employee you know how you are, you don't do what you tell yourself to do, you should fire yourself and chose to become someone else. You don't take responsibility you don't take care of yourself and you don't speak your being forward, you insist on lying and pathologizing yourself. Pathologies yourself and your pathologies those around you, spread to enough people and life becomes hell.

Don't make things worse than they already are, imagine how much better life would be if you stopped doing stupid things, and imagine how much better the world would be if we collective stopped making things worse. No matter where you are in life and who you are, try to be your best ideal, a beacon of light rather and an abyss of darkness. Make things better as you go, don't fall into cynical state of mind and make everything a hell for those around you.

Stop hating yourself, act as if you are some beloved and cared for, someone beautiful and capable of greatness. Don't poison yourself with endless brain numbing entertainment, don't destroy your soul with poisonous food. Take care of yourself as someone you truly love, someone who deserve respect and greatness. Don't fall victim to the soulless hopelessness in world that for ever need those who put it back together.

Speak your being forward, carry your responsibilities and learn to tell the truth. Make things better and not worse than they are, fix everting in your sphere of control. For the battle of the within, if won is truly the first and most noble of all the victories.

Balance the light and dark, a weak man can never be virtuous. If you don't have the ability to be aggressive and dangerous than you and your peers won't respect you, because you are like a child harmless and naïve. Naïve in a sense in believing that you will never be subjected to people's harm. Grow some teeth for only then can you truly respect yourself. For the meek will rule world. Are you nice because you want to be or because you must be?

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