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The Power of Long-distance relationship

The Power of Long-distance relationship

Skrivet av Lyon den 10 maj 2019 kl 20:56

To most, life seem to be in abundance and we tend to take everything for granted, not enjoying every day's miracles. Not seeing the divine within and our divine gift for creation, not being struck by awe of the humanities' capability to turn material from the ground into magnificent machinery. Cars, airplanes, boats and everything humanmade is a miracle in itself and a true testament to the god within. If a random human was plucked from the 19th century to visit this very modern age, seeing us building towers, traveling at the speed of sound and soaring beyond the clouds, he would acknowledge, without a doubt in his mind, the fact that we have truly become gods. While on the other hand, today's humanity is blinded by their own aura of pessimism, seeing the negative aspects of every being and manmade creations, striking themselves into an abyss of self-loathing, self-pitting and self-destruction, taking all and everything for granted.

Online dating and the overwhelming access to love has made us cynical and insincere, we are hard to love, and we hardly love anymore. We always look for that next swipe hoping we can find something a little better, a little bit more interesting, while destroying those whom love us the most. The biggest tragedy isn't the fact that we are escaping, but the fact that we don't know what we are escaping from. This make us hard and unkind, nor loved nor beloved. We are our own's strangers, never truly comprehending ourselves.

The cure is, that childish naïve optimism, the very humble creativity driven by the miraculous curiosity. Our time is limited - yet we don't comprehend it, love is a gift - yet we don't cultivate it, life is a miracle - yet we poison it.

The antidot to this chaotic mind, this chaotic life is a constant reminder of love and loss, pain and happiness. These dynamic, contrasting emotions make us truly alive. It's an antidote to our life in limbo. Having a loved one far away, only meeting a limited amount of time, makes these occasions vividly imprinted into the retina of our souls. The joy of meeting again, seeing your loved one coming out of the train and the bursting heart seeing their back leaving. It is truly in these moments we will be gracious for being alive, and it's truly in these moments we won't question being itself.