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Skrivet av GeekeenBoy den 25 december 2015 kl 00:34
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First of I just want to tell you that there ain't gonna be no spoilers in this review. So anyone who have seen it, might understand what I am speaking about, but please, DO NOT SPOIL!

J.J.Abrams has managed to create an entire universe based on the legacy passed on to Disney by George Lucas. Practical effects are combined with CG- effects and gives life to the terrific alien characters. As it's the case with other movies in the saga, aliens mingle and here it's done in the best way.

The actors portraing their roles are good. The acting is on top, and perhaps I should say the actors are more than good, I just can't find the right words to describe their acting. Nevertheless, not any single one of them is lacking in acting, but they all have their own personal touch implemented into their characters; sweat, joy, sadness, body language and movement, just to mention some of the elements, are on top.

During the 2 hours and 15 minutes I found only one or two longer scenes boring. It's not like they weren't needed to develop the story, but they just lacked the action or at least they did lack a faster pace, as the movie did with us right from the start.

The beginning of the movie captured viewers attention and we were introduced to the new characters in the Star Wars- saga. And the introduction of those key characters wasn't bad at all, as I already said it but in a different way.

The script gets its inspiration primaly from the original trilogy. Fans will understand why I say so, if you haven't seen the movie yet, please do!

Action movies tend to have a lot of explosions, car chases and firearms fired. It might be fun but at the same time, it might be boring, as the viewers are treated with the same recipe every single time. However, lightsaber duels are fun and entertaining and personally, I couldn't get enought. While the coreography of the duels might be a bit lacking, they still manage to entertain. If you have already seen this movie, just think at the fights in the prequel saga and at how powerfull and strong the jedis and the sith were. Here we are treated with something that can be compared with some kind of introduction for the rest of the trilogy.

There is death, and it sneaks up on you. There is joy and a happy ending that also gives you hope for the next chapter. I can't wait to see how it will all play out and I have a little more to say about the movie, but I will do so in a couple of weeks, when people have already seen it, as I don't wanna spoil.



I have also reviewed the movie in a video that I've uploaded to Youtube. If you wanna see it, then click here:


Därför anmäler Piratpartiet FRA

Skrivet av GeekeenBoy den 12 december 2013 kl 20:14
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Piratpartiet i Nyheter24: "Därför Polisanmäler Vi FRA"

Efter Uppdrag Gransknings avslöjanden. Ordföranden för Piratpartiets ungdomsförbund Ung Pirat, Gustav Nipe, skriver debattartikel om varför de väljer att polisanmäla FRA.
Länk till hela storyn:

Dubai Offers Gold In Return For Weight L

Skrivet av GeekeenBoy den 12 december 2013 kl 19:47
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In an attempt to encourage healthier living, Dubai has launched a scheme in which they offer gold in return for weight loss.
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Råd inför näst nästa generation

Skrivet av GeekeenBoy den 12 december 2013 kl 16:18

Vi vill se mer spelbara demos. På PS4an har gamers fått möjligheten att testa Knack medan test maskiner för Xbox One har inte påträffats i våra efterspaningar.

Inför näst nästa generation vill vi se detta förbättras och återse köer som vi redan haft i andra generationsväxlingar förut. Ett råd till er: spelmakare och andra inblandade i branschen.