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Topp 3 spel jag vill se "remastered" till PS4

Topp 3 spel jag vill se "remastered" till PS4

Skrivet av Peddi93 den 26 augusti 2014 kl 00:18
This post is tagged as: Topp 3, Killzone 2, God of War III, Uncharted 3

I och med att The Last of Us har blivit remastered så har det lett till att jag har fått en liten fetisch när det gäller 1080p och 60fps. Photo mode är ett spelläge av sig självt och att spela in korta klipp lägger till så mycket för mig att vilja spela om ett spel. Tidigare finns det ett fåtal spel jag faktiskt lirat om flera gånger (inte minst ett spel, nästan absurt mycket) på PS3 och detta är varför jag skulle vilja ha dem på PS4.

Missförstå mig inte: Jag vill absolut helst ha helt nya spel men om det inte är för mycket arbete så är dessa dem titlar jag vill ha på PS4.

Håller mig väldigt kort, dessutom:

3. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Jag har kört igenom Drake's Deception över bokstavligen trettio gånger på PS3an. Jag skulle nog implodera om detta spel blev remastered till PS4 på samma sätt som The Last of Us blev. Suget är nog minst av dessa tre spel de dem som följer har jag inte alls kört på samma sätt. Jag var nämligen helt förälskad i Uncharted 3 när det släpptes och idag är jag ännu det. Maffigare äventyr får man leta efter och multiplayern är underbar den med.

2. God of War III
Ett mästerverk som känns lite bortglömd och ett spel jag verkligen skulle vilja spela om på PS4. Blotta tanken av att spela om alla boss fighter och ta bilder av massa områden skulle ge mig hutlöst många timmar. Sony Santa Monica har nämligen några av dem absolut bästa environmental artists, någonsin. Olympus awaits!

1. Killzone 2
Multiplayer läget är än idag det bästa jag upplevt när det gäller FPS. Detta i 60 fps med 1080p och share knappen? Inget snack om saken: Killzone 2 skulle vara otroligt aktivt (än idag finner du servrar på PS3 och detta spel släpptes 2009). Jag slår vad om att en hel drös med spelare skulle "återuppleva" kärleken med detta fantastiska spel. Detta är det spelet jag främst skulle vilja ha remastered till PS4. Vilket är ditt?

(Kan tillägga att The Last of Us skulle vart 1a om det inte redan blivit remastered!)


InFAMOUS: Second Son - Min åsikt (Spoilerfri)

Skrivet av Peddi93 den 26 mars 2014 kl 15:12
This post is tagged as: InFAMOUS: Second Son

InFAMOUS: Second Son - Min åsikt (Spoilerfri)

This review consists of no spoilers at all and is based on two playthroughs on "Easy" option with True Hero karma which was finished in roughly 11 hours and a still ongoing InFAMOUS karma.

InFAMOUS: Second Son developed by Sucker Punch is the third entry in the InFAMOUS series which stars a new protagonist, Delsin Rowe.

The story

The initial feeling is best described as rather surprising. Second Son starts with a very strong narrative, superb writing and the game does a great job on introducing the new characters. A few times I even felt as if the writing was up to par with the Uncharted series.

Sadly however, this does not hold. While the writing itself is pretty good, the excellence that you see in the intro does not last throughout the whole game. Infact, once you reach Seattle: the game loses some of its narrative focus and never quite manages to pick it up aside from perhaps once or twice. Personally I feel like this is a very common thing in games that offer a sandbox where the city is your playground. It leads to unfocused narrative and the gameplay becomes the main reason you play which is absolutely fine and perhaps even the norm when you think about video games.

Despite this, there is an interesting story that is told. One that draws parallels to the previous games in the series but also introduces some new takes on it all. It is without a shadow of a doubt that Delsin Rowe is by far the better protagonist when compared to Cole MacGrath.

Where Cole was somewhat tormented by his powers and rather dull about it: Delsin is relatable in that his powers and state are a joy to him. Who on their right mind would detest having super powers? Other than that, Delsin comes across as a better written character. For example, I went for the evil route in both prior InFAMOUS games because Cole just did not seem like the good guy and I did not care too much about him from the get go. Delsin on the other hand, was difficult. I wanted the good route for him despite making a particular different decision along the way. A decision that punished my progress which I later spent an hour making up for but still gave me the story I wanted for Delsin.

The karma system in general should be given some extra thought rather than plain good or bad. My friend pointed this out and while I never had a problem with it in prior games: it became much more evident for me, here.

The visuals:

This is quite possibly the best looking game that I have seen on consoles. I feel that it surpasses Killzone: Shadow Fall and it does so while being a game that is set in a sandbox world. Everything from the image quality to the texture work and lightning is astonishing and it quite honestly feels as if I am playing a bullshot from the moment you boot up the game. I would even argue that the game is worth checking out for the graphics alone. There is some addiction to be had in just walking around seattle and grabbing screenshots with the console. There is so much detail in the city from reflections to neon signs, its truly beautiful. If Sucker Punch is able to accomplish this then I am sure the likes of Naughty Dog will melt our faces. Even the animation work including the facial animations are superb. But what truly shines is the look of each power. I will not spoil the unknown ones but Neon for instance, is absolutely gorgeous.

The sound:

The sound design is also another stellar point with this game. Each power feels unique and sounds unique. The way metal interacts as you make it collapse and hit the concrete, the way Delsin's chains sound when it comes in contact with enemies. There is also a general ambience felt in the city that truly adds atmosphere. Another strong point is the music which highlights the action even if there is only about one or two tracks that are somewhat memorable while the rest are dismissable.

The voice acting is also strong even if it is not entirely consistent. For instance, Troy Baker does a great job as Delsin and so do most of the main characters. However some side characters are a bit weaker in their delivery of lines. A rather minor complaint but still valid.

The gameplay:

The bread and butter of the InFAMOUS series is its super hero gameplay. This is the reason we play InFAMOUS. Soaring in the sky while firing lightning bolts was fun even if it did not allow for too much variation. Bolts, rockets, grenades: It felt fairly similar.

Second Son is much different. Here you are given more than two entirely different powers that behave and feel different. Each power has a dash which is completely unique and makes traversal in the city be much more quick and fun. The general climbing has taken a downgrade due to this but if you are climbing in the game (outside of the early portion when you have to) then you are to some extent playing it wrong. While it is worth mentioning that the regular climbing is weaker, it is relatively unnecessary. Neon allows you to just sprint over any obstacle and climb any wall. Smoke allows you to get into vents which are strategically placed almost everywhere and instantly takes you to the rooftops.

Each power also has an individual feeling when you are doing something simple as shooting. Neon feels more as a sniper and is good for long distance precision shots whereas Smoke is the choice for up close and lethal confrontation. All in all the powers are much more varied and some are even outright ridicilously great in how creative Sucker Punch have been.

While the melee combat leaves something to be desired and can lead to a lot of swinging in the air while missing targets, the combat in Second Son is fun. More fun than any super hero game that I have played and I have played quite a few in my time. One complaint that I have would be that there was a lack of variety among the enemies.

The lasting appeal:

There is also five additional hours of content along with a paper trail mini game which will add some gameplay value. I do however wish that there were more fleshed out side missions and that the user generated content from InFAMOUS 2 would have been in this game. Without it, the game feels a bit repetetive but when you are given such a variety in your arsenal: you can truly mix up your own playtime which makes the game all the more fun.

The game also offers some replay value due to the karma system which allows for a different ending and different power upgrades. What is rather unique is just how different the story is when you play it as evil instead of good. It is absolutely a difference worth playing for. While the city itself has atmosphere and looks absolutely stunning: there is some lack of life in it. But you can rarely tell since you are soaring in the sky, jumping from roof to roof. The truth is that there is something so addicting about just running around Seattle that I find myself losing track of time as a result.


InFAMOUS: Second Son is the pinnacle of the InFAMOUS series and it offers a great package which is truly needed for any PS4 owner. This is the game to get if you have a PS4.

Final Verdict:
(not a representation of the final score)
Story: 7/10
Visuals: 10/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Lasting Appeal: 7/10

Overall: 8/10 - "Great"

The Last of Us: Left Behind - Min åsikt (SPOILERS!)

Skrivet av Peddi93 den 14 februari 2014 kl 21:09

The Last of Us: Left Behind - Min åsikt (SPOILERS!)

This is a 'small' mashup of a review combined with general thoughts that consists of HEAVY SPOILERS and is based on one playthrough that took 2 hours and 20 minutes on the difficulty level of 'Hard'.

Left Behind is by far the best DLC I've played, albeit I cannot say that I have played many in the past.

What I truly loved was the writing which should come as no surprise to anyone. Everything we see from Ellie throughout the main campaign is given an extra dimension thanks to Riley. Naughty Dog kept a specific part of the DLC a secret which was a very clever move. Without that part, there would have been far less combat and the impact would not have been the same. Allow me to elaborate.

Riley dies. We already know this and we did not need to see it unless Naughty Dog decided to try and bring up the melodramatic feelings. Infact I felt pretty foolish for expecting it since the main ending of The Last of Us was anything but cliché. Instead the relationship between Ellie and Riley seems to be more than just friendship. Dare I say romance?

I believe that Ellie truly felt grateful for Riley as she mentions that she really does not spend time with others. I guess you could say that Riley is her only friend. Riley on the other hand, risked her life just to hang out with Ellie in the mall. Shortly after a kiss, she also throws away her firefly pendant and thus gives up her dream for Ellie. I believe it is rather evident that Riley, being the older one of the two: had some feelings for Ellie and that Ellie felt something as well. Now think back on Spring from the main story.

Left Behind shows that Ellie, while trying to save Joel is actually reflecting back upon losing Riley. So by the time of Spring when Ellie is all distant... it seems very plausible that she is infact thinking about Riley. This is further enforced when she also mentions Riley towards the end upon confronting Joel regarding the fireflies.

Spring starts with Ellie seeing a deer which reflects back upon her time being left behind and thus reminding her of Riley, her one and only best friend. Other than this, we also saw just how much of Ellie came from Riley. Riley truly influenced her and seeing moments such as the joke book and the general playful side of Ellie made me emotional. And here is the greatest aspect of it all:

It further adds to my own interpretation of the ending. Which is that Ellie is happy that Joel goes to the length he does to protect her. She decides to trust him, despite her knowing that Joel is obviously hiding something hence the reason as to why she even asks him to swear.

Riley: "We fight."
Ellie: "Fight for what? We're gonna turn into one of those things."
Riley: "There are a million ways we should've died before today."
Riley: "And a million ways we can die before tomorrow. "
Riley: "But we fight. For every second we get to spend with each other. Whether its two minutes; or two days... We dont give that up. I dont wanna give that up."

While Riley says this, it pans over to Ellie looking over Joel and riding into the snow.

Ellie truly loved Joel. We also see this when she grabs the medkit in the chopper and whispers

Ellie: "I'm not letting you go. I'm not letting you go."

From a writing standpoint, Neil Druckmann nailed it. The story is in an absolute world class when compared to video games in general. The storytelling also is in a league of its own along with the performances of the characters. It does not subtract from the main story, it merely adds a great deal to it and further makes Ellie the best character that has ever been produced by the gaming industry.

The only thing that subtracts this incredible experience from being a masterpiece is that the game design was a bit slow in certain moments. Do not get me wrong, I adore pretty much every moment we got, especially those that helped build and show the relationship between Riley and Ellie. However, the story that they decided to tell was a bit difficult to create an exciting game design around. Adding both humans and infected fighting at the same time was a great design choice. Sadly there were only about three of these encounters and most of them came towards the end whereas the game ended quickly after it. I applaud Naughty Dog for staying true to the rules they have setup themselves. For example, Ellie never actually fires or recieves a gun other than a water gun when she is with Riley.

Fortunately there were some truly unique moments that felt like taken straight from the creativity of many talented indie developers. It was very refreshing to see a company like Naughty Dog take quite the risk in doing that and for what Left Behind was trying to be: It was the right decision. It was for this particular choice that I felt a great difference in comparing Left Behind to the original story of The Last of Us. Now add that to the overall quality of the game being so high that you just cannot help but to wish for it to never end. Ultimately, this gives you two valid reasons from keeping this DLC from being a masterpiece.

So while the main game is one of the best games I have ever played in my life. This DLC will simply have to serve as the best DLC I have played and an incredible experience that is an absolute must for everyone who has finished The Last of Us.

Very few (if any) games, capture the emotions felt in Left Behind. Naughty Dog once again shows that they are masters of their craft and with a team that is so talented within atmosphere, writing, gameplay tension, music, sound design, voice acting, graphical fidelity, art design, animation and more:

It is truly difficult to not be amazed.

Final Verdict:
(not a representation of the final score)
Story: 10/10
Visuals: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Lasting Appeal: 6/10

Overall: 9/10 - "Incredible"