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Internet jobb från hemmet

This post is tagged as: Jobb, internet, scam?

Skickade nyss en ansökan via mail om ett internet jobb. Det här stod i mailet och ser ganska mycket ut som en scam. Någon som vet?


We are looking for male and female persons who can work at home..

Every one want to earn extra income through online or offline work at
home . Here we are sharing a list of legit work from home through
which you can make some extra income.

For work from home you must have a basic computer and internet
knowledge, English knowledge with a Good Typing speed. Many people
achieved their extraordinary life and more through work for home. Here
we have launched Online Money Making Program with video through which,
you can learn easily and become ready to start make money online or
offline. Everyone started to earn some real income through Internet by
doing simple work at home.

Must have access to the following:

Ad Posting Work.

If you want...
If you want to do PART-TIME or FULL TIME JOB from Home.
If you want a Very Good Monthly Income Easily at home.
If you are tired to work hard to earn your daily needs.
If you don't want to go any office and want to work from home.
If you are tired to obey Boss rules.
If you tired with your daily routine life and want a financial change.
If you can spare only 1 to 2-3 hours daily.
If you really want to do Easy Online Computer Based Jobs.
You will only need a internet connection on your computer.

No issue if you are using internet very first time, or you are a good
You can do it with your own computer or anywhere like cyber-cafe.
You will have to give some minutes to few hours only to do this all
If you want to start NOW... then you are at right place

As for your salary Montly salary will be 1200€

Your salary will be deposited in Western Union / Money Gram
uder your payment data .

If interested you will have to get back to us with :

City/Postal code/

All will depend on you on which type of payment you will request

Wekkly payment : 300€

Montly payment : 1200€


Adverts Posting Manager

Melissa Zimba