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The Last of Us: Part II

Denna The Last of Us-statyett kostar 22 000 kronor

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Eller ja, Abby-gubben som släpps nu kostar 11 000 kronor och den kommande Ellie-varianten som är på gång kommer att kosta lika mycket vilket innebär att du helt enkelt för slunga fram 22 papp för att pryda nattduksbordet med superbrudarna från Naughty Dogs magiska actionthriller.

"Prime 1 Studio is proud to present you the much-awaited next entry to our Ultimate Premium Masterline, from the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic action-survival game The Last of Us Part II, here is the 1:4 Scale UPMTLOU-01: Abby "The Confrontation". Few games get under your skin and leave you thinking about them long after you've put down the controller. The Last of Us Part II is one such game. Critically acclaimed for its gameplay, characterizations, performances, and visual fidelity, The Last of Us Part II combines a memorable survival horror narrative with pulse-pounding action.

The thrilling post-apocalyptic sequel picks up years after the first game and brings a different kind of gameplay, featuring two protagonists in a life-and-death struggle, not only against the cannibalistic infected and antagonistic human enemies but ultimately with each other. Ellie returns from the first chapter out for revenge against the Seraphites and on a more than capable, Abby Anderson. Abby, a skilled survivor, and strong soldier seem to be an antagonist to Ellie at first, however as the game progresses, we come to learn that Abby has her own back story and motivations, she becomes a much more complex and sympathetic character. Her story intertwines with Ellie's; both characters are driven by a desire for revenge and redemption." Köp den här!

The Last of Us: Part II
The Last of Us: Part II
The Last of Us: Part II
The Last of Us: Part II

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