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League of Legends

Doublelift återvänder till Team Liquid för League of Legends

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Extremt begåvade League of Legends-spelaren Yiliang 'Doublelift' Peng lät förra året meddela att han tar paus från League of Legends och Team SoloMid för att fokusera på annat. Nu överraskar han genom att vara tillbaka igen, men tillsammans med Team Liquid för att vara AD Carry. Team SoloMid säger:

"As the community knows, Steve Arhancet, CEO of TL, has been on the search for an AD and has reached out to us indicating a dire need for talent within the position. Doublelift has identified this as a good opportunity for him to ease back into the competitive LCS scene and acclimate to the stress, and as such has agreed to play with Team Liquid for the remainder of the split."

Doublelift själv tillägger:

"During my break, I realised that playing competitively is my calling and although I didn't intend to come back before Summer Split, an opportunity came up for me to return the to pro play earlier. My time on TL will help me ease back into the competitive environment and prepare me for my tryout with TSM in the summer."

Team Liquid hade även ett eget uttalande om detta:

"We are continuing to improve our League of Legends line up for the split and are announcing today that Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng has joined as starting ADC. The split has not gone well; we are disappointed and are continuing to work hard to ensure our team's success. We have tried all options and this is the best temporary solution for Team Liquid to finish the Spring Split. Riot has given TL initial approval for announcement purposes but this is still pending final Riot approval.

Doublelift has a proven track record in high pressure situations and he will bring a leadership presence to this team. Not only is he extremely mechanically gifted, he brings a veteran shot-calling presence that the team needed. I believe with his skill and work ethic he will have a positive impact on the team that we are searching for. I am very excited to work with him through the rest of the split."

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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