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North American Valorant Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier gets delayed... again

It'll continue later today though.

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The North American Valorant Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier has been a very turbulent tournament to say the least. Following a bout of Covid-19 cases, the event was delayed for over a week, with the intent to pick back up yesterday. And while that was the case, it wasn't long until the event was once again hit with a delay, postponing the tournament for a few hours.

Granted, in comparison to the previous delay, this is more of a minor inconvenience, but it's a delay nonetheless. The reason behind the postponement was revealed by Riot over Twitter, who credited a power-outage caused by a storm to be the problem.

"Due to a severe storm-related power outage, tonight's match between Cloud9 Blue and Rise will be paused until 12:00pm PT on Thursday, October 28. Tomorrow's originally scheduled matches will still be played following the conclusion of the match between Cloud9 Blue and Rise."

The good news is that while the C9 Blue vs. Rise game had to be paused, this will hopefully be the last interruption of the series, meaning in a few days we'll know who will get North America's final spot in the Champions event.

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