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G2 Esports has partnered with New Era

The headwear brand joins the esports organisation as its new exclusive headwear partner.

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G2 Esports has announced a new partnership, this time bringing on the hat manufacturer New Era as the organisation's exclusive headwear partner. The deal will see G2 and New Era collaborating over a line of products that feature a mix of essential and lifestyle items, as well as the pair working together on a line of limited edition caps.

"New Era has been synonymous with sports for over a century, so a partnership with G2 is a natural as a leader in their field, as we navigate new platforms and audiences," said Laurence Joslin, brand director EMEA of New Era.

This deal also marks New Era's latest foray into the esports space, and also marks the latest clothing/lifestyle brand to sign with G2, following the previous announcements of G2 working with Adidas and Ralph Lauren.

"New Era is number one in headwear. G2 is number one in gaming. If that's not a match made in heaven, I don't know what is. Let's have some fun," said Caros "Ocelote" Rodriguez, CEO of G2.

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As for where the G2 X New Era products will go on sale, we're told that they will be available from G2 Ecomm, New Era Online, regular retailers, as well as New Era's and G2's third-party retailers and resellers.

G2 Esports has partnered with New Era

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