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      League of Legends

      Team Vitality and Adidas have partnered on new semi-pro League of Legends team

      Known as the Yellow Stripes, the team will be competing in the Open Tour France.

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      Team Vitality and the sportswear brand Adidas has announced a new League of Legends, semi-pro team, called the Yellow Stripes. Set to be run and organised by the same crew and staff as Vitality's other organisations, this team will be competing in the Open Tour France event, which is set to start on January 29.

      With Adidas as the team's main sponsor, the sportswear brand will also be designing and providing jerseys for the roster, as well as providing "a professional athlete" who will "mentor and accompany the team throughout the year".

      "We are proud to invest resources into the amateur scene," said Fabien "Neo" Devide, co-founder and esports director of Team Vitality. "This project is a unique opportunity for these young players to learn and grow into what we hope will be a great sporting career in the future. They have challenges ahead of them, but we have every ambition to get them to the final of the Open Tour."

      As for who will make up the Yellow Stripes' roster, those individuals will be:

      • Matias "matias" Manchin Opheltes

      • Alexis "Artoria" Diebold

      • Lorenzo "Linkkey" Giorgiutti

      • Julian "eaRyz" Wehinger

      • John "Sotsy" Sicre

      In terms of who will coach the Yellow Stripes, we're told that Benjamin "Fara" Stoffel will tackle that position, with Martin "Krok" Berthelot being the team manager.

      League of Legends

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