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League of Legends

Adrian är andra värvningen av Team Liquid denna vecka

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Igår kunde vi berätta hur Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng värvats av nordamerikanska Team Liquid, och nu kommer besked via Facebook att även Adrian "Adrian" Ma från laget Phoenix1 ansluter. Transfereringen gäller till och med november i år och lär gå igenom om inte Riot trilskas. I pressreleasen kan vi läsa:

"Adrian is one of the strongest NA LCS supports and in coordination with Matt, Doublelift, and Youngbin, I'm confident that our bot lane talents will work together to achieve the level of performance that our team expects.

We believe that with our two new additions, Doublelift and Adrian, we can bounce back to form and avoid relegation. This has been a turbulent split for our team but we hope our fans know that we are doing everything we can to improve."

Adrian själv hade följande att tillägga:

"I'm very excited to be joining Team Liquid. While the team's performance has been below expectations this split, I see massive potential in this roster and I hope to help us get better one day at a time. Hopefully Matt and I can push each other to improve and give our team the best chance of winning. I always tilted TL with my Soraka... now I want it to tilt other teams."

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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