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Injustice 2

Malik Forte: Injustice 2 kan bli lika stort som Mortal Kombat inom esporten

Malik Forte är en namnstark presentatör inom esporten och inom Eleague:s pågående Street Fighter V-turnering. Efter varje avslutad fight intervjuar Malik de olika spelarna och under en pratstund som vi på Gamereactor nyligen hade med herr Forte avslöjade han sin ståndpunkt gällande Injustice 2, bland annat.

"I mean, Street Fighter is just a household name. It's been around since the beginning. I feel like, from an accessibility standpoint, it's captivating, especially for watching audiences across the world. That said, I do want to see other fighting games, definitely, get a chance to shine on this big stage. I'm looking at... I'm a big, big proponent of the NRS community, Netherrealm Studios, so I was heavily keeping up with Mortal Kombat, always have. Even going into this Injustice 2 game, I'm looking at this game, because I think it has potential to be just as big. It's just a matter of the communities getting the support, and also it really comes down to how these games are handled from a competition standpoint, from a competitive standpoint."

Injustice 2