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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Dupreeh berättar om vad han spelar förutom Counter-Strike

Copenhagen Games 2017 är avslutat och under eventet träffade vi bland andra Astralis-spelaren Peter "Dupreeh" Rasmussen som berättade om vad han spelar när han inte lirar Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

"I like to play computer games besides Counter-Strike, so I play everything from... I've played League of Legends, I play a lot of Hearthstone, I'm playing Playerunknowns Battlegrounds right now, I've been playing H1Z1. I generally like to play games I feel are fun, so it's not all about Counter-Strike, and I feel like Counter-Strike for myself, personally, has stepped down as the game I play when I have casual time. I might end up playing with some friends that I haven't played with for a long time but it's not the number one I'd pick up and go for in my time off, definitely not."

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive