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Team SoloMid ger upp Overwatch för gott

Team SoloMid har under en tid försökt skapa ett Overwatch-lag, men nu har man bestämt sig för att skrota den idén. Det meddelas av Taylor "b1am" Forrest via TwitLonger där han skriver att Overwatch League drivit fram beslutet:

"It's no secret at this point that ConnorJ and I have been working with TSM over the past few months to put together an OW roster. Recently we had just closed in our final six after having trialed dozens of extremely talented players, but unfortunately (due to circumstances outside of our control) the team isn't going to come to fruition. After learning more information about the OWL ($$$), TSM decided that it'd be better for the organization to stay out of the competitive scene, at least for now. TSM and I have now mutually parted ways and I hope to be involved again in the scene very soon. I'm officially a free agent."

Det är inte första gången Overwatch League lett till finansiella problem för lag, såsom med Reuniteds trupp som upplöstes i januari.

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