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League of Legends

Wild Turtle lämnar TSM igen, ska spela för FlyQuest

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Jason "Wild Turtle" Tran har lirat League of Legends för Team Solo Mid under tiden som, lagt slagit sig upp genom rankingen i NA LCS Spring Split men har nu beslutat sig för att lämna laget. Istället kommer han att börja spela för FlyQuest eftersom han sökte efter en heltidsposition, från start, och inte vill fortsätta att tävla med Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng för en plats i startfyran. Såhär skriver Tran själv om beslutet:

"I've spent most of my career on TSM now and I'm extremely thankful for all the experiences I've had with Andy and the rest of the team. I'm really going to miss playing with everyone and within such a motivated environment. At the same time, I'm looking forward to this next split and to be moving onto another stage of my career with my old teammates Hai, Lemon, and Balls. I think FlyQuest will be a good home for me, and I hope continue my success with them," Wildturtle said.

"Turtle has been a friend of mine even before he initially joined us in Season 3. I'm super pleased that he's found a home on a team with players he both likes and respects. He has demonstrated the quality of character and work ethic that embodies the spirit of TSM in all his years of play, and for that I have every wish that he is able to be successful and happy not just in his career but in all aspects of his life. I expect to remain good friends with him personally for the years to come. I hope that the fans can respect this roster change and appreciate the amount of hard work and dedication Turtle has put into making TSM the best it can possibly be," Andy 'Reginald' Dinh added,

TSM are still committed to having a roster of six players for the upcoming Summer Split and so have announced their intentions to find another AD Carry to replace WildTurtle. "We are looking for an experienced player who will grow under the team's leadership and worthy of the trust we had in WildTurtle," the team explained. "This second AD Carry will be sharing play and scrim time with Doublelift and is expected to carry out the same duties of any member on the team. All interested parties should contact us through appropriate channels. We will release additional information regarding the roster in a future video."

League of Legends
Vad tycker du om Trans beslut att byta lag? // Photo: Riot Games

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