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Halo 5: Guardians

Millenial Esports launching Beyond The Sticks training program

It'll take place in Las Vegas next month.


Millenial Esports has unveiled a brand new initiative by the name of Beyond The Sticks, which is a kind of training program for teams to build their skills in Halo 5. Here's what they had to say about Beyond The Sticks on their website:

"Beyond The Sticks will bring two of the top Halo teams to Las Vegas for an all expenses paid training session. On July 1st & July 2nd EnVyUs & Oxygen Supremacy will engage in an exhaustive bootcamp at the Millennial Esports Arena. The teams will play four 13 game series in preparation for Dreamhack Atlanta. Fans will be able to watch all the action at Millennial Esports will also be taking the players on two team building activities outside the Arena. Those at home will be able to follow along on Instagram stories. Finally all of the action will be hosted by two of Halo's greatest personalities, Ryan Towey & Tom "Tsquared" Taylor."

There will also be a special guest in Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Oakland Raiders Joe Gomes who "will meet with both teams to examine their training regimens and explore ways they can improve their performance. Players will evaluate their routines to see what they can do inside and outside of training to maximise their results."

Do you think these kinds of bootcamps can be effective?

Halo 5: Guardians
Photo: Millenial Esports

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