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Mike Sepso: Overwatch League är vår esportmodell för framtiden

Overwatch League är en stor grej inom esporten idag och när vi pratade med Mike Sepso från Activision Blizzard efter Gamelab-panelen för att prata om företagets framtida esportsatsningar, sade han bland annat:

"Well last year I think if you remember I talked a lot about having to try to help create a more stable and commercially successful infrastructure in the esports ecosystem, and this year was more of a follow up on that because obviously a lot's happened in the last year. You know, specifically, launching the Overwatch League has been a real focus for everyone at Activision Blizzard and MLG, and I think that is... what we will launch later this year is kind of our model for the future of esports."

Vi passade även på att fråga om Sepsos uttalande från förra året om att göra saker mer som traditionell sport:

"So I think the major effort is, again, the Overwatch League, where we're launching a global franchise-based system where owners will have rights to a local city market and it's in a consistent team throughout the league, very much based on traditional sports leagues like the NBA and the NFL."

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