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Tekken 7

JDCR wins largest ever Tekken tournament at Evo 2017

Tekken 7's future is looking bright.


The past weekend's Evo 2017 hosted the largest Tekken tournament in history, and Kim 'JDCR' Hyun Jin, a player for Echo Fox, was the man to lift the trophy, with teammate Choi 'Saint' Jin Woo in second place.

1,200 players took place in the tournament, but JDCR, Saint, and Bae 'Knee' Jae Min stood above them all, with the winner getting $13,000 USD for his troubles, not to mention automatic berth in the Tekken World Tour finals this year. His tournament win wasn't too surprising, however, considering he has won Combo Breaker and the first two World Tour events in Asia.

Tekken 7 looks to have a bright future in esports, then. Can it rival Street Fighter V?

Tekken 7
Photo: Evo