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Cloud9 värvar Laser Kittenz Overwatch-trupp

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Esport-organisationen Cloud9 meddelar att de nu värvat Laser Kittenz Overwatch-trupp inför Overwatch Contenders, ett smart tilltag med tanke på hur de presterat under Season Zero. Jack Etienne från Laser Kittenz säger:

"What Laser Kittenz were able to do in Season Zero grabbed everyone's attention, myself included. From top to bottom the organisation proved themselves committed to competition, devoting their talent and time to earning their place in Season One. I'm excited to welcome them to the Cloud9 family and we're all looking forward to adding to their already long list of accomplishments."

Overwatch manager Alicus hade också några ord på vägen och sade:

"It is a great honour to join Cloud9. Jack is a true industry leader, and the iconic brand he has built here speaks for itself. I'm happy to be able to fully focus on equipping us with the best possible chance at winning Overwatch League, and the road starts now with Contenders. Representing London is a dream come true and marks my return to the UK scene. I look forward to making all our fans proud."


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