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Vi känner nu till Seouls lag i "Overwatch League"

  • RedaktionenRedaktionen

Information rörande ett nytt lag från Sydkorea som ska delta i The Overwatch League. Såhär skriver våra brittiska grannar:

"This team will be made up of players from the Lunatic-Hai Overwatch team, including captain Kim 'EscA' In-Jae, Kim 'zunba' Joon Hyuk, Gong 'Miro' Jin-hyuk, Ryu 'Ryujehong' Je-Hong, Yang 'tobi' Jin-mo, and Moon 'Gido' Gi-Do. This team has been put together by KSV Esports, and will no doubt be hoping to do well, especially since Korean teams are some of the best in the world right now. Are they looking like strong contenders already?"

Photo: Team Seoul