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NiP och FaZe Clan bekräftade till Blast Pro Series

Blast Pro Series körs i Köpenhamns Royal Arena den 24-25 november. Sedan tidigare vet vi att Astralis och North kommer delta och nu har även FaZe Clan och Ninjas in Pyjamas blivit bekräftade. Finn 'karrigan' Andersen från FaZe Clan säger:

"It's going to be insane playing in the Royal Arena in front of the biggest CS:GO crowd in Denmark ever. I love the idea of fans knowing for sure their favourite team will play live on stage in the arena, which is quite unique for any tournament, and naturally I hope to see a lot of FaZe fans in the crowd. The format is new and different, but for sure it will be a heck of an experience for everybody watching live or online."

Är dessa båda lag bra utmanare, tycker du?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Blast Pro Series