Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Facebook har stora planer för sin esport-satsning

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Förra veckan kunde Gamereactor rapportera om att World Esports Association & Hi-Rez Studios samarbetar för att dra igång Paladins Premier League tillsammans med Facebook. Nu har dessutom Facebooks "director of global gaming partnerships" Leo Olebe meddelat att de har stora planer på sin nystartade esport-satsning.

"We're all in. We're putting all of our cards, all of our chips on the table. We fundamentally believe that games are an incredible way to connect people to each other and videos are an incredible way to do that too. With our understanding of those two concepts, we're going to invest and invest. Some things will work, some things won't. We have 800m connected Facebook gamers every month. The scale is there, so through great partnerships like this one we can help gamers find each other, create meaningful connections and provide a great experience for games like Paladins."

Todd Harris från Hi-Rez hakar på i skönsången:
"It's really not comparable to anything else. It's also very global, and Paladins is a very global game. We've seen the Facebook statement and actions around enabling communities and powering video - both of those concepts are forged into our DNA. That's the way we think about marketing our games. Having a partner that shares that gives us optimism."

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

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