PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

UFC-fightern DJ pratar om sina Battlegrounds-ambitioner

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Alla som känner till mixed martial arts samt organisationen UFC känner också till den regerande flugvikts-champen Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson. Det många inte vet, dock, är att DJ spelar oförskämt mycket spel på sin fritid och driver en väldigt framgångsrik Twitch-kanal när han inte dänger folk inuti en svartlackad stålbur. Främst brukar han lira PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds och delta i diverse turneringar. Inför kommande Golden Chicken tournament har DJ pratat lite om de resultat han hoppas nå.

"Oh, I'm very excited. This is my second competition and obviously this is one of my favourite games. I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to go out there and kill everybody in the woods. Nobody can beat the shadow, the Warrior in the Woods. "

DJ fortsätter sedan med att förklara varför han älskar att streama spel så mycket som han faktiskt gör:
"Yeah, livestreaming is something I'd love to pick up when I retire. The thing about mixed martial arts is that you can only do it for so long before your body gives out. What I will say is this: There's not another athlete out there that puts as many hours into the gym, and as many hours into video games that's as good as me. If I'm streaming and entertaining, you can do that forever—so long as your mind is clear, your brain is switched on, and you want to entertain. I don't see why not, I can provide some on-air talent, play some games and we can take it from." Länk

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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