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Tekken 7

The Tekken World Tour finals groups have been decided

The competition is about to get underway.


The Tekken World Tour finals are tantalisingly close, as the Metreon City View in San Francisco is preparing for the fights to start, but the groups have only just been decided, with players stepping up to choose their groups, based on ranking (Evo winner JDCR and the top ranking from each region already placed first in each of the groups).

Blackbeard stepped up first to choose, placing himself alongside Speedkicks in Group 2, and joining him later on was Qudans and Super Akouma.

Tissuemon was top place in Group 3, and it was Japanese fighter Noroma that chose to join him in the group, alongside Anaking and UK competitor KaneAndTrench.

In Group 4 heavyweight South Korean Saint sat in the ominous first place position, so when American JimmyJTran chose to join him, the crowd erupted, as theydid when Nobi did the same.

Group 1 contained the beast JDCR, who not only smashed the leaderboards but also won Evo this year, so it was a shock when Irish fighter Fergus chose to join him in this group while a space in Group 4 was open. Knee gladly filled that place in Group 4, leaving the last to chose, late competitor P.Ling, forced to finish off Group 1.

Which groups are going to be the most interesting?

Tekken 7