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Tekken 7

Here's our coverage from the Tekken World Tour finals

We talked to the top players in San Francisco.


The culmination of the Tekken World Tour took place this weekend in San Francisco where the best Tekken 7 players in the world battled it out for top honours. Our esports editor Sam Bishop was on hand to interview some of the participating players and we thought we'd collect all the interviews and coverage from the event in one place.

Interviews with Michael Murray and Katsuhiro Harada from the development team:

Here's our tour of the event to give you an overview:

Plenty of player interviews with the likes of Joey Fury, Blackbeard, Fergus, Super Akouma, Speedkicks, Tissuemon, JDCR and Saint:

South Korea dominated the event claiming the top three events and as you may already know it was Byung-Moon "Qudans" Son who walked away victorious from the event, and we had a brief chat with him following the final.

Tekken 7
Photo: Bandai Namco