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Rainbow Six: Siege

Final i Rainbow Six Pro League - Intervju med Willkey

Ence klådde Evil Geniuses under den gångna helgen i avklarade "Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 finals" och Gamereactor samt Gamereactor TV-teamet fanns naturligtvis på plats för att kika in matcherna, prata med utvecklarna, arrangörerna samt alla de proffs som slogs i finalen. I denna video pratar vi en liten stund med Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen från Ence för att få veta mer om vad denna mäktiga vinst innebär för laget i allmänhet och för honom si synnerhet.

"We were really prepared for the maps, because we knew we were gonna play those maps. In Clubhouse we had a couple of [bad] plays, so that's why we weren't able to win that and lost out in the second map, but once we got to Border I was sure that we were gonna take it, because we knew exactly what they were gonna do."

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Rainbow Six: Siege

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