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Rainbow Six: Siege

Final i Rainbow Six Pro League - Intervju med Cameram4n

Team Fontt är ett av två lokala (sydamerikanska) lag som deltar i slutfinalerna av den tredje säsongen i Ubisofts omåttligt populära terrorist-shooter Rainbow Six: Siege och en av deras nyckelspelare heter ju som vi alla vet Gabriel "Cameram4n" Marcal. Gamereactor TV-teamet med Gamereactor London-skribenten Sam i spetsen passade på att byta några ord med proffset under den gångna helgen.

"Yeah, yeah, we studied them a lot, the days before. It's a different play style, because they don't have like experience with the top teams in the world like Penta and the other teams, so it's their first experience, they did pretty well. They played very aggressive, we were prepared for it. The first round was two minutes and 10 seconds, the Hibana was already inside the bomb, so we need to be careful with that, but we were prepared, we studied them a lot, and that was good for us."

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Rainbow Six: Siege

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