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Pokémon Sun/Moon

The Pokémon Europe International Championships are done

We have all the winners.


This past weekend saw a wave of Pokémon fans gather at London's ExCel Centre for the 2018 Pokémon Europe International Championships, where players went head to head in a variety of games to see who could come out on top.

As well as glory, there were also Championship points on the line, which would help secure positions at the World Championships, and Simone Sanvito of Italy did particularly well in the Video Game Masters Division (using Pokémon Sun/Moon), becoming champion over the weekend.

In the Masters Division for the trading card game, however, Norway's Tord Reklev came out on top, edging out fellow finalist Zakary Krekeler from the USA to do this.

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Pokémon Sun/Moon
Photo: The Pokémon Company International