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League of Legends

CLG och Aphromoo går skilda vägar


Esportorganisationen Counter Logic Gaming meddelar League of Legends-veteranspelaren Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black nu lämnat efter fem långa år med laget. De tackar honom för insatserna och ledarskapet, där coachen Tony 'Zikz' Gray skriver:

"It's been a long road Zaq and I have walked together, and I'm sad to say that our journey ends here. He's a really good friend and I learned a lot from him from the time I was a remote analyst and grew with him and CLG to where I am now at Head Coach. It's been a fast three years and I'm so happy to have accomplished so much with him. I'll always cherish the moments we've had together, the good and the bad. I wish him the best of luck on whatever team he joins next split."

Aphromoo hade också några väl valda ord kring saken att förtälja och säger:

"Being a part of CLG has been an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. So much has happened in these past five years that has made me the player that I am today. I learned how to be a leader, teammate, and friend to CLG players both past and present. Thank you CLG and all the CLG fans for sharing those experiences with me: two NA LCS Championships, two Worlds appearances, and five years of competing on the Rift. I believe that the next step in my career will be just as exciting, this time with CLG as an opponent - and I'll be there to win. Support is so EASY!"

Kommer du sakna Aphromoo hos CLG?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games