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Battlegrounds får 400 000 kronor Global Loot League

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds växer mer om er som esport och nu har G:loot utannonserat Global Loot League med en prispott på $50 000 (400 000 kronor) som en del av den ordinarie säsongen som består av 80 topplag, där kvalificeringarna startar den 2 februari och pågår till slutet av april. Simon Sundén, är VP och head of esports hos GLL, och han kommenterar:

"Last year we entered a partnership to explore the world of PUBG. We saw the potential with the early adopters, quickly realizing this game had a clear potential to become one of the biggest esports titles in the world. It turns out we were right about that.

Now anyone, anywhere in the world will have a chance to qualify for the regular season with all the pro teams, we're also proud to announce that there will be much more at stake than just the glory. All the regular season matches will be played every Wednesday both for the European and North American divisions. Everything will be broadcasted live from Stockholm in a brand-new studio, driven by the same production team that the community praised during the pre-season. This time we'll add more production resources to bring it up a notch and do it even better."

Ligan ska sändas på Twitch, och den stora finalen körs den 22-24a april. För att läsa mer om G:loot, så hittar du deras hemsida här, medan du registrerar dig till turneringen på denna länk. Ska du vara med och pröva lyckan?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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