Rainbow Six: Siege

Fnatic investerar i Rainbow Six-team från Australien

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Esportorganisationen Fnatic meddelar att de värvat ett Rainbow Six: Siege-lag från regionen Asia-Pacific (APAC, som den förkortas) som består av lagmedlemmar från före detta Mindfreak.

Det handlar om Etienne 'Magnet' Rousseau; Jason 'Lusty' Chen; Ethan 'RizRaz' Wombwell; Matthew 'Acez' McHenry; och Daniel 'NeophyteR'. Alla dessa har vunnit APAC LAN-finalerna med sin coach Jayden 'Dizzle' Saunders. APAC Season 7 Finals körs denna helg i ESL:s studio i Sydney där de ska delta. Fnatics ena ägare Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon kommenterar:

"It's a fantastic opportunity to be establishing another team in the Asian Pacific. We're thrilled to be redoubling our efforts in the region alongside our other operations. Needless to say this squad of guys have been a dominating force with incredible dedication to the game and with the top 8 finish at Six invitational last year we feel like this can be the start of a new dynasty team in Australian Esports.

This comes with a great challenge to continue the growth of the Aussie esports scene and Fnatic as an organisation that has gone from a home in Australia to the biggest esports organization in the world."

Kommer laget ara lika skarpa under Fnatic-flagg, tror du?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: Fnatic

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