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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Tempo Storm presenterar sitt Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-lag

Esportorganisationen Tempo Storm meddelar att de satt ihop ett helt nytt Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-lag på grund av problem med visum. Tempo Storm-grundaren Andrey Yanyuk säger:

"We've been patiently waiting for the right roster to jump back into CS:GO with. We've come very close to signing many of these players before, and now the opportunity has finally come for us to do so."

Kevin 'HS' Tarn har tidigare spelat för lag som OpTic, Rogue och Penta, och bli nu lagkapten för deeta nya team och övriga medlemmar är Pawel 'Innocent' Mocek; Ricardo 'Fox' Pacheco; Christian 'loWel' Garcia; Aitor 'Soker' Fernandez; head coach Laratz 'dracU' Dominguez Zaldumbide samt manager Hampus 'Shaabi' Johansson. Shaabi kommenterar:

"As soon as rumours started spreading of HS potentially no longer being a part of OpTic, I reached out to see where his head was. Within three weeks, we knew our core roster and just had to figure out the details. It took about two months for the project to come together, and I can't say I've ever been more happy than I am today to finally announce this. This is the most ambitious and motivated roster I've ever gotten to work with, and I can't wait to see what they can do."

Kommer denna uppställning prestera väl, tror du?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Tempo Storm