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Jfeel: Vi var beredda att slita Philadelphia Fusion i stycken

Overwatch League-finalen drar igång imorgon i Brooklyns Barclays Center, och under mediadagen idag fick vi chansen att prata med flera höjdare, inte minst en trippelintervju med London Spitfires Profit, Fury och coachen Jfeel. Sistnämnda hade starka åsikter:

"We were prepared to just rip Philadelphia Fusion into pieces." was Jfeel's simple response, via the translator.

Vi fårgade även vad Fury tyckte om första säsongen:

"There were definitely moments to be remembered, and overall in general it was just a great experience, and just experiencing the American culture as well, coming from Korea, was something new and it was very exciting."

Kan Spitfire ro hem finalen, tror du?

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