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League of Legends

En rad spelare hoppar av esport-laget Flash Wolves

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League of Legends-laget Flash Wolves har postat på Facebook att flerta av spelarna samt tränarna nu hoppar av laget. De förhandlar dessutom för tillfället med en rad andra team. Gamereactor England skrivwer såhär om incidenten:

"Coaches Chen 'WarHorse' Ju-Chih and Chen 'Refra1n' Kuan-Ting have left the team, with player Yu 'MMD' Li-Hong retiring to focus on streaming, while substitute Chen 'Morning' Kuan-Ting has come on board as a coach. The post also states that players Kim 'Moojin' Moo-jin, Huang 'Maple' Yi-Tang, and Hu 'SwordArt' Shuo-Chieh are negotiating with other teams, despite still officially being on the Flash Wolves roster."

Var anser du att dessa stjärnspelare bör ta vägen?

League of Legends
SO LOOONG, SUCKAS! // Photo: Riot Games

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