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Hangzhou Spark bekräftade som nästan Overwatch League-team

Hangzhou Spark, eller bara The Spark, som de lär kallas är nästa lag att utannonseras till Overwatch League. Namnet "symbolises extreme speed and power, and also represents the electric nature and creative spark of the Bilibili brand" och de kommer representera den kinesiska regionen när ligan startar i februari igen. Inga spelare är hittills bekräftade. Bilibili CEO Rui Chen säger:

"Bilibili's community holds a deep affinity for esports and we are excited to participate in a professional league centred around Blizzard Entertainment's blockbuster game, Overwatch. The upcoming Overwatch League season is sure to provide hours of thrilling entertainment for our users as we continue to actively expand our content in popular genres. Esports have been among the top videos viewed by our growing number of users, and we look forward to delivering highly competitive and entertaining gameplay for our supporters worldwide."


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