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ESL UK's Weavr Consortium receives government funding

This is all focused on esports broadcasting, both virtually and physically, and how immersive experiences are important for esports.

The UK government's public body for innovation and research, suitably titled UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has awarded the Weavr Consortium with a two-year demonstrator grant focusing on esports broadcasting, looking to bring the UK's creative businesses forward as part of the Industry Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).

The Weavr Consortium is comprised of ESL UK, York University, dock10, Cybula, Foccal Point VR, and Rewind, and they'll have a project worth £5.8 million over two years, £4 million of which is coming from UKRI.

This project will focus on "cross-reality viewing experiences allowing fans to immerse themselves in high fidelity statistics, visualisations and data-driven stories that give them deep insights into the live match," according to the press release. Virtual and physical viewing are both focal points here, as well as second screens, AI and data learning, and more, demonstrating the importance of immersive experiences.

"The UK esports industry is growing rapidly, and ESL UK are right at the heart of its expansion. I'm excited to see how the Weavr project will create innovative and immersive experiences for esports fans across the globe, helping to get them even closer to the live action," said Margot James, MP and Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries.

Is this a good cause for esports?

Photo: ESL