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League of Legends

Origen och Audi inleder nytt samarbete

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Rfrsh Entertainment har inlett ett treårssamarbete med Audi till sitt League of Legends-lag Origen, samt andra "yet-to-be announced esports and digital entertainment projects". Audi har sedan tidigare jobbat med Rfrshs CS:GO-team Astralis, och grundaren Jakob Lund Kristensen kommenterar:

"The agreement is significant for RFRSH Entertainment. When entering a strategic partnership like this, a lot of factors are taken into consideration including financials. This part of our agreement is certainly in place, but for us it is of paramount importance to team up with a brand and an organization that will contribute actively to strengthen our position globally - with the esports audience and in the mainstream."

Origen ska tävla i den nya League of Legends European Championship (LEC) från den 18 januari dör de bästa europeiska lagen ska mötas för första gången.

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League of Legends
Photo: Rfrsh

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