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Team Hong Kong medverkar i Overwatch World Cup

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Med tanke på det politiska läget i Hong Kong just nu (inklusive Blizzards märkliga agerande under förra veckan) var det många som undrade om huruvida Team Hong Kong skulle komma att delta i kommande turneringen the Overwatch World Cup under årets upplaga av Blizzcon, och svaret är alltså ja. Ett rungande ja.

"The past few months have been very challenging for everyone on Team Hong Kong and it has been difficult to stay focused on our Overwatch program. We have tried our best to ensure that all of our players can prepare without distraction but this is not an easy task especially with the recent news surrounding Blitzchung." Länk

"After a deep discussion with our players, we believe that the chance to represent Hong Kong spirit and values on the global stage is too valuable to give up. While it could be more comfortable for us to shy away from this event, we believe it is more important now than ever to ensure that everyone sees the faces of players on our team; the faces of Hong Kong people proud of representing their community."

Nu ska det pangas!

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