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eFootball PES 2020

Celtic hold the leaders in Matchday 4 of eFootball.Pro

Arsenal moves up the table in the latest round of competition for Konami's kickabout.

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The competition is getting tighter and not even the league leaders are guaranteed victory in this season of eFootball.Pro. For the first time in four matchdays, AS Monaco finished with no wins and there were a couple of additional surprises as well.

F.C. Barcelona and Schalke 04 opened Matchday 4. After a draw in the first round, the Spanish team moved ahead with a short victory in the second round, leaving the Germans in a very difficult spot. Arsenal was in last place prior to the weekend's matches but secured a much-needed three points with a 2-0 victory against Nantes FC.

In the third fixture, Juventus dominated Manchester United to become the only team that won both matches on the day, netting six points and landing them third place in the table, in what's turning out to be a hotly contested race for first place. The Red Devils ended without a win for the second matchday in a row.

Tied for second place with the Italians is Bayern München, with the teams ending up on 16 points each. The German outfit beat Boavista in the first game and lost in the second, skipping their chance to top the table. This wasn't their best day, but the number one team is still AS Monaco. Celtic FC, coming back three times in two games, became the first team capable of stopping Rachid 'Usmukabyle' Tebane, the MVP of the day.

Kepa from FC Nantes scored the best goal. Both MVP and Best Goal are individual prizes with €10K awarded to each winner. The international PES 2020 competition resumes on Saturday 22nd February.

eFootball PES 2020

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