Fortnite is exiting Fortnite

The organisation has stated that it might return in the future.

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The Russian esports organisation has announced that it will be leaving the competitive Fortnite scene. After first joining over three years ago, when it signed its first duo team, the team has decided to "temporarily leave the discipline."

"Leaving the discipline was a tough decision to make, as we had a team of very talented and charismatic people," said Sergey Glamazda, CEO of in a press release. "I'm not only talking about the players, but content creators, managers, and everyone involved. Not to mention that I've always been happy with our sports performance."

Glamazda did also elude as to why the team is leaving Fortnite, stating, "the Fortnite ecosystem mostly revolves around players. Competitive scene and Creator Code feature are turning organizations into something unnecessary." Glamazda further explained, "the audience of this game mostly consists of very young people, which is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to sponsorship deals. And some categories of sponsors are straight-up denied by the publisher." is not closing the door permanently on Fortnite, but this does suggest that the organisation will not be returning anytime soon.


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