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Need for Speed Unbound

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Nix! Det bidde inget Need for Speed: Underground den här gången heller utan ett arkadracingspel som enligt insiderkällor ska vara fyllt av "street art" och "anime" samt stoltsera med "fotorealistisk grafik", om vi ska tro på kvällens rykten. Rubbet ska utannonseras under morgondagen men innan dess kan vi bjuda på ett par läckta bilder samt spelseriens nya logotyp.

"Beat the clock, outsmart the cops, and compete in weekly qualifiers for Lakeshore's ultimate street racing challenge: The Grand. Fill your garage with precision-tuned custom machines, put on your own style and exclusive looks, and light up the streets with a soundtrack that resonates from every corner of the world. The world is your canvas: Bringing graffiti to life in a completely new visual style, merging the latest street art with the most realistic cars in Need for Speed history. Access a new toolkit full of energetic visuals and sound effects, including a new boost element, Burst Nitrous, for dizzying speed.

Display your full potential and express yourself: Go to meetups and show off your style with many items, including limited edition gear, from the world's latest fashion. Then add the finishing touches to your car's style, transforming it with unique wraps and cut-out items to match your legendary custom car, and take the lead in races and put your winning pose above the competition. Find your freedom as it flows: A soundtrack featuring pioneering artists in the modern hip hop scene, including A$AP Rocky and AWGE, presents creative songs that transcend genre boundaries. Deliver. The original music was produced by French producer Brodinsky. The songs, which are closely related to various hip hop expressions from around the world, embody the underground culture itself, which can be said to be the heart of Lake Shore."

Need for Speed Unbound
Need for Speed Unbound
Need for Speed Unbound
Need for Speed Unbound
Need for Speed Unbound
Need for Speed Unbound

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Need for Speed: Unbound

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