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Apex Legends

Gen.G presenterar sitt Apex Legends-team

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Apex Legends må vara ett nytt spel, men det växer snabbt som esport. 100 Thieves har redan styrt uppett lag och nu meddelar Gen.G att de är på gång. Deras laguppställning har tidigare tävlat i ESL 3on3 Open Cup North America och består av Chris 'Grimreality' Schaefer, Ted 'Silkthread' Wang samt Tim 'Dummy' Olsen - namn du kanske känner igen från Overwatch- och Team Fortress-esport. Arnold Hur, Chief Operating Officer hos Gen.G Esports, kommenterar:

"We think Apex Legends is one of the most promising titles for esports, and we're excited to be able to find such a group of talented players that are committed to building a great team. As the scene is still developing, we really debated about when we wanted to enter the scene, but when we met this group, we knew this was the right team for us as we loved that they were veterans of the fps scene, displayed both great mechanics and strategy, and had a professional team-first attitude."

Nathan Stanz, General Manager of Gen.G Esports, fyller i:

"The team already has a ton of ideas that they want to put in play. We're excited to get a chance to work with them and provide support so that together we can build a great team for years to come. Respawn / EA has made an incredible title that has lightning-in-a-bottle potential for esports, and we're proud we have such a great team to represent us as we continue to grow globally."

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Apex Legends

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