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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I am standing on the top of the world, a mountain higher than any, watching the province of Tamriel called Skyrim. I can see the river, the trees and the big capital city called Whiterun. The snow is upp my heels and is cold. The night is dark but the stars and the moon spread some dense light upon the lands . The snow glittering and the world continues on. I travel down the mountain, down on a lonely road that is partly destroyed by the cycle of time.

I met a vanderer along the road I ignore the man and continiue down the laid out path. Until the weather shift, the snow start to dissapear and suddenly I am facing bridge that leads to a small village called Helgen. It looks like autumn has hit this part of the world, the trees are beautiful yellow and theres life everywhere. As I make my way towards the tavern I notice guards patrolling, a man is chopping wood and birds singing.

Life is a is has always been. I open the old wooden door to the Tavern, and pays the maiden some coins for a glas of fine Nord Mead. A bard i singing the song of Agression and two other guests gosips among themselves. I felt Curious and when the maiden brought my Mead I rose to my feets and sat down with the men. The Tavern was warm and coosy, the night had snuck upp on the day and wrestled it down, darknes ruled.

The men starded to get frightend they told tales of Ghosts in the tombs of old. I asked them why they bvelieved in such nonsense, they replied with angry looks and said Because I have seen them myself, I looked at the man and said Ill find out what is going on ofr a reward in coins. The man agreed and I set of alone.

So Dovhakin are you what they say you are are you to embark on an adventure like none other. Are you prepared to explore and test yourself, are you prepared to embark on a Journey into the ruins of the old Nords, above the mighty snowy mountains, and deep below in the ruins of the dwemer to the very depths of the world. Are you dragonborn master of the voice?

If this sound intriging and faschinating then let me peek your interest further. Skyrim is a triple A rpg. A game as much about leveling up, questing and finding loot as to do want you want in a big world created just for you!

The game is like a town of lego. It is built and the lego pieces and cars and other things are there, but what you make of them, the story you create in this town of bricks is similar to what skyrim does and you can be sure it does it well, let me explain.

Skyrim takes place in... Skyrim a nothly province in the world of Tamriel it is snowy and cold as much as it it brutal and bloody. The game takes place roughly 200 years after the last Elder Scrolls game called Oblivion. I will not spoil the story here lets just say they take the koncept of dragons to a new level. So what has improved since last time, well everything exept the bugs. Yes it had alot of bugs it might still have some but many has been patched since release. What is important to know is that the story is deeper and much better than the one i Oblivion and gone are the tedious task of Oblivion gates instead we face another threat, yes they are called dragons and are not the coosy cute things. They look more of something from Jurassic Park that has wings and like to eat you.

Not only story has been improved also combat i smoother and as deep as you make it. It is not perfect but is more than ok. You can now duel wield weapons and staffs. There is also one more important new thing. Its called the leveling system. No they havent reinvented the wheel they just made it look more shiny. Instead of Choosing class you start at zero after you create your caracter you now level upp in what you do, instead of choosing points in let say one handed, when you fight you gain levels in that area if you are fighting witgh one handed. Its more like Oblivion but you do not chose a class with bonus points in any area. Your race depending on what you chose have all one or two special powers. The Night Elves can engulf him/herself in flames once a day as an example.

There are also many factions in the game and many sidequets, one example is the bitter civil war going on between the Imperials (yes the ones in Oblivion) and the Rebels called the Stormcloak each side has its own missions and many other factions like the Magick College or the Assassins of the Dark Brotherhood. But the game also lets you do what you want even ignore the main quest and the side missions and just travel the world.

The game has amazing mod support, trough either the web page Skyrimnexus or the one integrated in steam!

I can talk all day about the game and its amazing things. But take my word on this it has everything an rpg should have. Let me warn you though, this is not like The Witcher, Deus Ex, or any other linear rpg. It is a big world you are put into and the fun does not come out of itself the game is what you want it to bee. It can lead you from a deep old ruin to the top of a mountain fighting dragons, to a quest for a forsaken god or Daedra as they are called, yes the ones from Oblivion, although thet have a much smaller role they are there creepy as always.

Now I ask you This can you handle a game of enourmous proportions, do you love adveture and to craft your own story, do you enjoy big open worlds that are living by themselfes, and do you apreciate amazing views and equally amazing music.

Well then a last question to you, will you pick upp the mantle as Dragonborn a master of the Voice, and dragonslayer. Will you embark on the Journey to save this land, if so, what are you waiting for? Pick this game upp!

Amazing Story, big living world, music that makes you fly to the moon, good modding support integrated in Steam or trough Skyrim Nexus, 100+worth of content, as good as a game can be, more or less perfect

Some minor buggs, sometimes clunky combat and bad animations


Samlat betyg: 8.7/10