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Michael Bay trodde Transformers skulle floppa

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Det låter så klart absurt idag sett till hur sanslöst mycket pengar varje ny Transformers-film spelat in. Men innan premiären av den första filmen för mer än femton år sedan så var Michael Bay övertygad om att den skulle floppa. I en intervju med ScreenRant berättade Bay om sin oro och hans tvivel.

"I'm telling you, here's a little trick. When directors go pre-screen their movies, we're testing them, you see what [audiences] feel and whatnot, and I've got the sound thing there, you want to throw up. Every director wants to throw up the first time a big audience is looking at that thing. And you'll see people walking down slowly in the test, and you want to grab them, 'No, no, no. Hang on. There's a big scene. If you miss this scene, you're going to miss the whole thing.'"

"So it's intense, like Transformers... So two houses, 400 people in each house, starting 15 minutes difference or something like that. I'm now watching it with a whole bunch of families and kids, and I'm like, 'Okay, dumb robot movie. Oh my God. It's just a kids' movie. Oh, man. Oh, what did I do?' It gets a huge score, and it was unfinished. Then I go to the next theater, and I've got the sound thing and there's an empty seat and there's a guy, whatever. This is more of the adult kind of room, and I look to the guy and I [ask], 'Do you like this movie?' And he goes, '[meh hand motion].' And I'm like, 'Oh, this is terrible. I just made a terrible movie.' Whatever. Huge matching score, like a 94. That's a spectacular movie score."

I slutändan spelade den första filmen om de fräsiga robotarna in 6,7 miljarder kronor och resten är som man brukar säga, historia. Vad minns du från tiden innan premiären av Transformers, trodde du att filmen skulle floppa?

Michael Bay trodde Transformers skulle floppa
Autobots, roll out!

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