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Fanatec har utannonserat CSL Elite Pedals V2

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Tyska simracinggiganten Fanatec har under eftermiddagen presenterat en ny version av deras hutlöst populära CSL Elite-pedaler och av den tillhandahållna informationen att döma verkar detta handla om en riktigt attraktiv uppgradering av redan superprisvärda simracingpedaler. Bromsen är ny, innehåller magnetiska sensorer och en loadcell och CSL Elite V2 är byggda av stål och aluminium som pulverlackats mattsvarta. Priset då? 2999 kronor.

Saxat ur den officiella pressreleasen:
Magnetic sensors.
Both the throttle and brake axes use precision Hall-effect sensors. By measuring pedal position with magnets, the system is contactless, meaning no wear on the sensors and consistent performance.

Solid, full-metal design.
The pedal arms, faces, and heel rest is made from cast and machined aluminium, with a durable 'powder-coated' finish. Additional bracing towards the rear of the assembly helps with stiffness and stability under heavy load.

Brake with confidence.
The brake pedal has been completely reworked, with an all-new custom load cell sensor.

Muscle memory.
The load cell sensor measures pressure rather than position. Tuned to a genuine 90 kg (adjustable) at the pedal plate, this realistic level of resistance trains your muscle memory and you'll brake with confidence and precision every time.

Dual-stage brake action.
The adjustable, tool-free elastomer stack incorporates a coil spring to simulate the initial movement of the brake pad to the disc. You can easily adjust the firmness of the pedal travel by selecting between elastomer springs (included).

Drive your way.
CSL Elite Pedals V2 connect directly to any supported FANATEC® Wheel Base via the included RJ12 cable. Alternatively, they can be used as a standalone USB device (on PC) using the included USB cable.

Choose your pedal surface.
Detachable rubber pads on the pedal faces give you the choice between high or low friction. For example, you might prefer more grip on the brake pedal for applying very high forces, but a slick throttle to assist with smooth acceleration out of corners.

Electronically adjustable.
The amount of braking force required can be easily tweaked through the Fanatec Tuning Menu (or Fanatec Control Panel on PC)*. Manual calibration of all three pedal axes is also possible.

Fanatec har utannonserat CSL Elite Pedals V2
Bara metall, hall-sensorer och loadcell-broms med 90kg tryck. För 3000 spänn? Jo jag tackar jah! Konkurrenterna tar mer än det dubbla för samma typ av produkt.
Fanatec har utannonserat CSL Elite Pedals V2
Playstation / Xbox och PC. Allt funkar...
Fanatec har utannonserat CSL Elite Pedals V2
Gamereactor avser att recensera CSL Elite V2 inom kort.

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