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The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

CD Projekt Red förklarar sin generositet

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CD Projekt Red, skaparna av The Witcher-serien, har snackat en smula med Gamasutra om varför i helsicke man inte tagit betalt för diverse DLC-material och tillägg som släppts till rollspelen ifråga.

Marcin Iwinksi, en av studions grundare, menar att saker som de kostnadsfria Enhanced-utgåvorna av Witcher-spelen, gynnar studion i det långa loppet:

"[People] appreciate it. Then they tell their friends we are doing a good job and we respect them. And ultimately it will result in a sale. Some people are saying, ‘Why do you do that? You could have charged for it!' Yeah. But I think the value in the whole proposition is that we are honest, straightforward, and fair, and this pays back. So you can call it a business model, in a way."

Iwinisky menar också att det är viktigt att vara sin egen studio, och inte behöva vara alltför beroende av en tredje part:

"I'm not very good [at compromising]. And I think you cannot make great creative decisions if you have to follow different interests in different directions. And of course, I do not want to sound too idealistic, because at the end of the day, we have to sell games. But the game comes first, and this is really crucial for us. A lot of people in the industry I have met are forgetting about it."

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

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