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Efterfrågan på Lego-spel bara växer, menar Warner

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Det har knappast varit någon torka gällande Lego-spel de senaste åren, men konceptet har långt från svalnat av, menar Warner Bros senior vice president of international games Olivier Wolff i samtal med Tvärtom menar han att efterfrågan bara växer.

"I think that it is a really interesting blend of IPs. At the core of it you've got LEGO and the sustained success of LEGO as a family franchise in so many parts of the world year after year. We've played with it as kids, as parents now, so there is that element behind it."

"But in parallel to that you've got the fact that LEGO has brought into toys great IPs, and therefore we can express it in games, and with the encounter of great IPs expressed in toys, you've got the magic of TT which has a unique sense of humour. Without the humour of TT there wouldn't be great LEGO games."

"What has been interesting is that we were always concerned about is there a ceiling to that? And the reality is that there's absolutely no fatigue at all and there is actually a demand for different experiences. And that humour element that I mentioned, and also the innovation. Now you've got Chima Online which is a fantastic experience - and that's really not competing at all with the console products but really bringing a different type of experience and reinforcing engagement with the franchise."

Det låter med andra ord som att Lego-konceptet kommer att fortsätta rulla på. Näst på tur står Lego Marvel Super Heroes som släpps nästa månad.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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