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War of the Vikings

GRTV: Vi intervjuar Fatshark om War of the Vikings

Vårat GRTV-team fick nyligen chansen att snacka med producenten Gordon Van Dyke för att dryfta kommande War of the Vikings. Han var som väntat glad att få berätta mer om utvecklingen och spelets upplägg. Bland annat fick vi veta mer om det "Early Access"-koncept man satsar på för de som förhandsbokar:

"We basically were looking at some type of pre-order or pre-purchase campaign, and then we also wanted to do a long running beta and try and get a lot of user feedback; to try and ensure that the game was as well balanced so that it's the best combat experience possible at release. And those two things fit together and it made sense, and Steam's goals that they have for Early Access, which is to really involve the community, so they had set up basically a structure to support that. So it made it easier for us than creating that infrastructure ourselves. So that's why we really went with that. All the pieces fit together."

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Van Dyke berättade även varför det är så otroligt viktigt med feedback från de som tidigt köper spelet:

"I think the big thing is just really... communication. I think that that's the biggest thing, and you have to be super, super aware of and understand that these people are putting their trust in you early on, and so you need to reciprocate that. That loyalty, that commitment, that belief in us and posting and keeping them super updated and being very transparent and being very honest with them, and also really actually taking their feedback into consideration. I mean if you're just doing, you know, if you're just putting it out there just because you want to gain attention or you just want quick access to some funds then that's probably the wrong reason to do it."

Allt detta och mycket annat om det kommande vikingaäventyret får du höra om i intervjun ovan. Missa inte!

War of the Vikings