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War of the Vikings

Mer inställningar till War of the Vikings

Fatshark och Paradox låter meddela att de nu är klara med inställningsmöjligheterna till War of the Vikings och som spelare kan man nu ställa om sina egenskaper och sitt utseende. En del kan provas på redan nu, medan andra grejer får vänta till Early Access-versionen släpps.

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Såhär säger Fatshar och Paradox om detta i pressreleasen:
"With the new in-game customizer, players can start exploring the various options that will be available when War of the Vikings is released. Combatants will have access to all in-game weapon types and a limited selection of character perks, with more weapons and perks to come at release. Visual styles can also be customized, with full access to cloak and armor patterns, shield customization including patterns and colors, and a limited selection of helmets, taunts, and - most importantly - beards. In addition, the new level progression system will allow players to advance up to level 20 (with a higher level cap coming in the release version), and unlock up to four customization and loadout slots."

War of the Vikings